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459 Carlisle Drive Suite A
Herndon, VA, 20170
United States


Holistic Family Health is a family run clinical facility with services such as thermography, cold laser detox, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, along with communal education for you to take charge of your health maintenance.

Essential Oil Zyto Hand Scan

Holistic Family Health in Herndon Virginia 20170 performs Zyto Hand Scans to determine which essential oils your body needs

Essential Oil Zyto Hand Scan

We offer a FREE essential oil Zyto hand scan with any service (for proper scheduling, please mention that you are interested in having the Zyto scan when scheduling your other service). This 5 minute hand scan will tell us exactly which essential oils your body is asking for. Please watch the video above for further information. You should update your results every 30 days due to wellness improvement and varying exposure to toxins.


Call (703)635-6324 today to schedule your appointment.

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