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459 Carlisle Drive Suite A
Herndon, VA, 20170
United States


Holistic Family Health is a family run clinical facility with services such as thermography, cold laser detox, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, along with communal education for you to take charge of your health maintenance.

Price Sheet

Price Sheet


Region of Interest Scan $190

Breast Scan $190

Half Body Scan $390

Full Body Scan $490

Cold Laser Detox

Single 1 Hour Session (Laser and Ionic Cellular Foot Spa) $125

Essential Oil Zyto Hand Scan

Free with Any Service

Orthotic Foot Scan

Free with Any Service

Kangen Water Pick Up

Free with Any Service


We offer a 60 day Detoxification Package and a Maintenance Package which can be discussed during your initial cold laser detox appointment/consultation.

Call (703)635-6324 today to schedule your appointment.