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Holistic Family Health is a family run clinical facility with services such as thermography, cold laser detox, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, along with communal education for you to take charge of your health maintenance.


Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

All individuals with Lyme Disease should detox their body no matter which protocol they choose to use. Peter Medawar, Nobel prize winner in medicine, referred to viruses as “pieces of bad news wrapped in protein (biofilm)”. Lyme bacteria can create a shield called a biofilm. These bacteria are shielded from many medications. The biofilm blocks your immune system from finding the bacteria. This is how the biofilm is just like a safe house that protects the bacteria from being killed by drugs or your immune system. When you go off medications, they can reemerge and aggravate your symptoms all over again. Not only do Lyme bacteria create biofilms, so do other bugs in your system. According to Microbial Biofilms by Ghannoum and O’Toole, different bacteria like staph and strep also create biofilm. In these biofilms, many different bacteria can hide within them. When different bacteria congregate under a biofilm, they frequently swap genetic information with each other. This may lead to a dangerous mutated form of the Lyme bacteria.

Unfortunately, Lyme bacteria may obtain drug resistant genes from other bacteria. Drug resistant Lyme bacteria may be an explanation for why it can survive despite years of multiple antibiotics. Repressing or suppressing viral conditions (by drugs or medications) may lead to severe, chronic and/or degenerative symptoms. Toxins in our body weaken our immune system and damage the nervous system which is leading to illness, chronic disease, premature aging and oxidative stress to the body. Toxins are stored in our liver, body fat, lymphatic system, joints, muscles, gut, brain and other parts of the body. You must take control and release the body burden.


The New Epidemic

Lyme disease is epidemic: it is the fastest growing vector-borne disease in the world. More and more patients are showing up with chronic forms of the infection, leading to multisystemic illness and disability that is devastating to the individuals and families suffering from it. It is increasingly difficult to cure, even with intense regimens of antibiotics. Recent major articles in People Magazine, The Washington Post, and Good Housekeeping describe the debilitating effects of this tricky infection.

Many late-stage Lyme patients improve on antibiotics, but aren’t cured. Many times they don’t get better at all or they relapse every time they stop the antibiotics. Long-term antibiotics can lead to serious side effects, such as fungal infections and immune suppression.

Oxygen to the Rescue?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, either alone or in conjunction with antibiotics, has been a mainstay of alternative treatments for lyme for over a decade now. We offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in our Herndon clinic. Hyperbaric oxygen... Read entire article here

Please read the following two PDFs by Dr. Paul Cosman regarding Lyme disease then continue to our page on Cold Laser Detox:

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